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Company Profile

Active and proactive behaviour

We have documented time and again that the individual’s involvement and field work are decisive for the best results.

At DEAS Erhverv we have chosen to use even more resources to create quick and fruitful results for our customers.

We offer

Sale of investment properties irrespective of whether they are used as shops, offices, storage, production facilities etc.

Sale of development and project properties, the sale of rental accommodation properties, including co-operative properties.

Sale of investment properties all over Denmark, where there is no upper limit to the size of the sold property, as we are able to sell large portfolios or entire real estate companies – we can also find and sell properties to foreign investors.

Sale and rental of properties/premises for use as offices, shops, storage or production facilities in the Greater Copenhagen area.


Our staff works in one of two separate departments; one department for investment properties and one department for corporate properties and domicile.

We can therefore offer a greater expertise, and stronger network, and a more goal-oriented daily routine.


As the first commercial property agent in Denmark we can, via our web pages, offer our clients access to continuous on-line reporting about the development and activities concerning a specific case.

The customer is therefore assured easy access to all relevant information and can follow the activities we have implemented on day-to-day basis.